Friday, June 21, 2013

20130621 Leaving for Shanghai

This is a short trip to Shanghai. I will be staying in my usual hotel Liston Songjiang for two nights. I actually do not understand why I have to go there while Isabella will be back in less than a week time. The plan is I will have to pack her belongings into boxes to store them in the storage. How? When? Where? Not clear. Isabella's school is a newly opened school. They are not so sure about lots of things  themselves. Well. As I always say do things one at a time. We will eventually find ourselves at a certain spot from where we look back and notice we have achieved some things. 

There are things we achieve on the paths in our life. Sometimes in a short while sometimes in a long time. For those things which take long to achieve we have to be gentle to ourselves and be patient. Always slow and steady. For those things which can be achieved in a short time be quick and be harsh to  yourself. We have to be push ourselves to the edge to achieve anything. Go for 120 %, not 100 %. 

- I have to leave now. This writing may be continued may be not. It depends all up to my mood. 

Friday 21 June 2013 At the Hong Kong international airport.