Saturday, November 28, 2009

A thought

On Friday 27th November 2009, @creationchord said:

It started with Brahms Violin Concerto. The thought of my Mom and Dad occupied me the whole morning. They were the first ski couple in Korea. In 1960s they skied in Korea where there barely were skis let alone no ski resort meaning no ski lifts. They drove hours to the east coast, climbed the mountain carrying their skis and boots and they skied down. My Mom couldn't understand why she should carry those things for so long only to come down in a few minutes. But she followed my father. Really... no wonder they still hold their hands when they go out. They are known to be always together in their neighborhood. Somebody once mentioned that they only get separated when they go to the public bathrooms. A joke, but it tells about them. Nothing comes out of nothing. Everything costs huge effort in life. Often I think of what my Mom told me. "I didn't know why I had to climb the mountain carrying skis only to come down so quickly. It was a fun to him. It wasn't a fun to me at all. But I did it. I enjoyed being his company."

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