Friday, September 25, 2009

20090925 Covallis, Oregon

It's Corvallis; my Albert came to see me saying that he was very tired. He got TB vaccine, obviously that made him exhausted. We had lunch at Yum something, a Mexican restaurant, our usual bowl, then we came back to my little place. He slept; I watched him sleeping the whole afternoon. Yes, we could have walked around instead, but how often would I see him sleeping in my bed. I enjoyed watching him sleeping; it was good. At around 7pm I woke him up to go for dinner; we had bruto at the Mexican grill, it was good too. Then we held our hands together and walked to my place, picked up his comforter which was washed by Jillian, and walked to his place; there we met two Korean boys whom he made acquaintance last few days. One boy called JaeKwan Seo seemed more open while the other boy called Jeonghoon Hwang seemed rather reserved. Albert will find his way; he will... I am glad that I came with him and get to stay with him here in Corvallis for a few days this time. Let's not worry; let's live.. Remember, life is all about breathing. Nothing matters.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The second night in Corvallis

Well, tired. Walked a lot, though not much done. It's a beautiful place to walk. Since I love walking, especially trees around, this is heaven. Albert's cell is done. My cell here is done. Albert had some sort of meeting at 6pm, but called me around 7:30ish... I think, to tell me that we could have dinner together. That was very nice of him. A lovable kid. So we went out for dinner and ended up with a mexican take out; the shop was about to close. We had a Korean style - no table, so we had to sit on the floor - Mexican dinner. It was good.

Albert looked tired. Hmmm... it's not going to be too easy for him. Being away from home and furthermore being away from all sorts of caretakers; he will have to do all sorts of things by himself. Life started.

I guess, he will be all right. He will learn to be tough. He will learn to think of his life seriously. Yet, I feel aching. Aching to see him weak and 'scared'. I hope it's just being mummy me. He will be all right, Aejin.

Be strong, Albert! Mom loves you!!!