Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring in Korea

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I see them from here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The golden-bell trees

The Forsythia, The Golden-bell trees bloomed in Korea
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This was the cause of writting 'Don't be sad with what you don't have and be glad with what you have.' Be The Moment and I am able to see the golden-bells.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

While watching a drama

I was watching a TV drama. There is this girl, a professor of the Korean history; well brought up, properly mannered all around. She is going to marry into a family of having a very different life style; the father-in-law-to-be loves playing 'Go-Stop' which is a kind of Korean card game and he wants to play it with her after their marriage.

As soon as she hears about her father-in-law's wish, she starts to learn the game. While I was watching this part of drama I couldn't help thinking about 'being judgemental' again. I don't play the game. I don't think that I would enjoy playing the game at all. Yet I admired her willingness to learn the game to play it with the family she is marrying into.

On another occasion I heard a friend of mine saying to me on the telephone; you do whatever you like at your home, but you look what others do and try to do similar when you are outside.

I thought of the drama and at the same time what a friend of mine told me on the phone. 'I'. 'I' am everywhere.

I have to 'let go'. Yet even while I was watching a TV drama I clung to my thoughts.

Thoughts. Egoless Self. I.