Friday, August 29, 2008

Snap back!

A small talk with Elizabeth in zacuzzi; I don't really remember what we were talking about. We were just giggling and talking jokes; and I was saying, "Well, you can't run away from me. You're stuck with me in this life time." Elizabeth was saying, "There is no glue or anything like that..." I said, "that's worse! Glue, you can remove it, but there is this invisible thing you can't remove between you and me." "I will then run." "Well, the further you run the faster you snap back. And it's same like...." Then it struck me, a thought.

A destiny you may call it or an assignment for this life time you may call it; there is a reason why we came to this world in this life time. You may not like it and you may want to run away from it, the reason why you came to this world, so you run... the harder you run away from the harder you snap back. You can't run away from it.

Since it works that way, why not we face it and take care of it? I am destined to it. I don't know why I chose this destination or this assignment for this life time, but there must have been a right reason for it.

I think... I ponder upon it... Or I meditate... I see myself, around myself.... I feel it.... I feel the world... I feel the sky.... I smell them... breathing...