Tuesday, July 1, 2008

080701 HK

When he or she did that to me, he or she couldn't do anything but that; he or she couldn't do anything other than that at that moment. And it also applies to me too. When I did that at that moment, I couldn't do anything but that; when things happen, they happen because they have to happen; and the people involved can't do anything but let them happen; things happen within their spiritual capacity at the moment.

While I was meditating, the words I heard from a friend of mine some time ago struck me. And I started crying; forgive. I can forgive anybody now, even the one I thought I couldn't forgive, even me; because I finally felt with my heart what I only could understood with my logical reasoning before. He couldn't do anything but that at that moment in his spirituality of that moment. I couldn't do anything but that at that moment in my own spirituality of that moment.

Forgave and was forgiven; it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to the Lord!

In appreciation,

Listening to violin concertos by Henri Vieuxtemps

080630 HK

It rained the whole day again! I say again because it has rained the whole month nearly everyday recording the wettist June in 250 years.

Dr gave me new pills for my depression; 2 months ago I couldn't take Zoloft as my body couldn't take the medicine. I started taking the medicine right away once I arrived back home. It seems I am taking it quite alright.

The whole house has been turned upside down by me; oh! how long have I left this place unmoved! We need thorough cleaning not only of the place where we live, but more of the residing place of 'me'; I try to meditate and pray the whole day no matter what I do. I try to observe 'me' whenever I remember; I try to remember every moment!

'Intention' is useless! Try not to intend to do something, just 'do' it right away!

In prayers,