Monday, December 1, 2008

Albert and Isabella, two lovely ones! It must have been really cold! It was very windy!

at the terrace of the Peak Lookout cafe

bey Aejin

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Isa's third prize

Isabella won the third prize at the Hong Kong speech festival reciting a poem called 'I saw a ship a-sailing'
And I was very happy for her!

by Aejin

And me with Elizabeth. She wasn't feeling well that morning. Still smiling! How lovely she is!
At the terrace of the Peak Lookout Cafe

by Aejin

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And this was the view from the Peak on that day. Sunday, the 30th of November, 2008.

by Aejin

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In 2 hours of morning trail on The Peak of Hong Kong I spotted only one Autumn colour; I had to stop and said, "Hey, here is Autumn colour finally!" A passer-by said back to me, "Go home, go home!" We knew both what we meant there. Two weeks later I had to go back there this time with a camera. And I got this picture. Isn't it beautiful? The only Autumn colour on the entire Peak Trail?

Posted on the first of December, 2008
by Aejin

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

God rewards me with a good color!

Walking back home from the piano school Isabella says putting a candy into her mouth; if I am good God rewards me with a good color!

Puzzled and looked at her; 'what was that?' She went on saying; I practiced piano last week and God rewarded me with an orange candy. "Ah! That!"

The piano school has a candy machine which gives out a candy randomly and the school offers only one try-out per child at the end of their session.

As simple as that! God rewards me when I practice!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Snap back!

A small talk with Elizabeth in zacuzzi; I don't really remember what we were talking about. We were just giggling and talking jokes; and I was saying, "Well, you can't run away from me. You're stuck with me in this life time." Elizabeth was saying, "There is no glue or anything like that..." I said, "that's worse! Glue, you can remove it, but there is this invisible thing you can't remove between you and me." "I will then run." "Well, the further you run the faster you snap back. And it's same like...." Then it struck me, a thought.

A destiny you may call it or an assignment for this life time you may call it; there is a reason why we came to this world in this life time. You may not like it and you may want to run away from it, the reason why you came to this world, so you run... the harder you run away from the harder you snap back. You can't run away from it.

Since it works that way, why not we face it and take care of it? I am destined to it. I don't know why I chose this destination or this assignment for this life time, but there must have been a right reason for it.

I think... I ponder upon it... Or I meditate... I see myself, around myself.... I feel it.... I feel the world... I feel the sky.... I smell them... breathing...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

080701 HK

When he or she did that to me, he or she couldn't do anything but that; he or she couldn't do anything other than that at that moment. And it also applies to me too. When I did that at that moment, I couldn't do anything but that; when things happen, they happen because they have to happen; and the people involved can't do anything but let them happen; things happen within their spiritual capacity at the moment.

While I was meditating, the words I heard from a friend of mine some time ago struck me. And I started crying; forgive. I can forgive anybody now, even the one I thought I couldn't forgive, even me; because I finally felt with my heart what I only could understood with my logical reasoning before. He couldn't do anything but that at that moment in his spirituality of that moment. I couldn't do anything but that at that moment in my own spirituality of that moment.

Forgave and was forgiven; it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to the Lord!

In appreciation,

Listening to violin concertos by Henri Vieuxtemps

080630 HK

It rained the whole day again! I say again because it has rained the whole month nearly everyday recording the wettist June in 250 years.

Dr gave me new pills for my depression; 2 months ago I couldn't take Zoloft as my body couldn't take the medicine. I started taking the medicine right away once I arrived back home. It seems I am taking it quite alright.

The whole house has been turned upside down by me; oh! how long have I left this place unmoved! We need thorough cleaning not only of the place where we live, but more of the residing place of 'me'; I try to meditate and pray the whole day no matter what I do. I try to observe 'me' whenever I remember; I try to remember every moment!

'Intention' is useless! Try not to intend to do something, just 'do' it right away!

In prayers,